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So small, so light, so simple. Our most compatible, sleek and slim battery charger delivers precision power for your portable devices. This MINOLTA Charger is 100% brand new with 1-Year warranty & free ACE Assurance. Buy now, save more!

Replacement for MINOLTA CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01 battery Charger
 The Turbo Charger is an attractive high performance fully automatic battery charger designed to quickly and safely charge batteries
 Input 220V,Output 12V

Warranty: Brand New with 1 Year Warranty!

This battery charger can fit the following battery models of:

  • BENQ:

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01
  • CANON:

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01
  • CASIO:



  • KODAK:

    CRV3, CR-V3, CR-V3P, KCRV3, LB-01

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01


    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01
  • NIKON:

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01, LB-01E

    CR-V3, CR-V3P

    CRV3, CR-V3, CR-V3P, *ist DL2, LB-01, RCR-V3

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01, PRCR-V3

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01

  • RICOH:

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-0, LB-01


    CRV3, CR-V3, SBP-1103, SBP-1303
  • SANYO:

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01
  • SIGMA:

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01

    CR-V3, CR-V3P, LB-01
  • VARTA:


  • This battery charger is also suitable for the following models of:

  • BENQ:

  • CASIO:

    GV-20 QV-2000UX QV-2100
    QV-2300UX QV-2400UX QV-2800UX
    QV-2900UX QV-3000EX QV-3000EX/Ir
    QV-3000UX QV-3500EX QV-4000
    QV-8000SX QV-lr XV3
  • KODAK:

    EastyShare C315 EasyShare C300 EasyShare C310
    EasyShare C315 EasyShare C330 EasyShare C340
    EasyShare C360 EasyShare C433 EasyShare C433 Zoom
    EasyShare C530 EasyShare C533 Zoom EasyShare C623 Zoom
    EasyShare C643 Zoom EasyShare C653 Zoom EasyShare C743
    EasyShare C743 Zoom EasyShare C875 EasyShare C875 Zoom
    EasyShare CD33 EasyShare CD40 EasyShare CD43
    EasyShare CD50 EasyShare CW330 EasyShare CX4200
    EasyShare CX4210 EasyShare CX4230 EasyShare CX4300
    EasyShare CX4310 EasyShare CX6200 EasyShare CX6230
    EasyShare CX6330 EasyShare CX6445 EasyShare CX7220
    EasyShare CX7300 EasyShare CX7310 EasyShare CX7330
    EasyShare CX7430 EasyShare CX7525 EasyShare CX7530
    EasyShare DX3215 EasyShare DX3500 EasyShare DX3600
    EasyShare DX3700 EasyShare DX3900 EasyShare DX4330
    EasyShare DX4530 EasyShare DX4900 EasyShare DX6340
    EasyShare DX6440 Easyshare Z1012 IS Easy Share Z1015 IS
    Easy Share Z1085 IS Zoom Easy Share Z1285 Easy Share Z1485 IS Zoom
    EasyShare Z612 EasyShare Z650 Zoom EasyShare Z663 Zoom
    EasyShare Z700 EasyShare Z710 Easy Share Z712 IS Zoom
    EasyShare Z740 Easy Share Z8612 IS  

    Digital Revio KD-200Z Digital Revio KD-210Z Digital Revio KD-220Z
    DiMAGE G100    

    Finecam L3 Finecam L30 Finecam L3v
    Finecam L4 Finecam L4v  

    DiMAGE E203 DiMAGE E223 DiMAGE E323
    DiMAGE F100 DiMAGE F200 DiMAGE F300
  • NIKON:

    Coolpix 2100 Coolpix 2200 Coolpix 3100
    Coolpix 3200 Coolpix 4100 Coolpix 600

    C-1 C-100 C-120
    C-150 C-160 C-170
    C-180 C-1Z C-1 Zoom
    C-2 C-200 Zoom C-2040Z
    C-2040 Zoom C-21 C-2100 Ultra Zoom
    C-2100UZ C-211 Zoom C-21T.commu
    C-220 Zoom C-2 Zoom C-3000
    C-3000Z C-3000 Zoom C-300 Zoom
    C-3020 Zoom C-3030 Zoom C-3040
    C-3040Z C-3040 Zoom C-3100 Zoom
    C-310 Zoom C-315 Zoom C-350 Zoom
    C-360 Zoom C-370 Zoom C-4000 Zoom
    C-4040Z C-4040 Zoom C-40Z
    C-40 Zoom C-4100Z C-4100 Zoom
    C-450 Zoom C-460 Zoom C-460 Zoom del Sol
    C-480 Zoom C-500 Zoom C-5050Z
    C-5050 Zoom C-5500 Sport Zoom C-55 Sport Zoom
    C-55 Zoom C-700 Ultra Zoom C-700UZ
    C-720 Ultra Zoom C-720UZ C-725 Ultra Zoom
    C-730 C-730 Ultra Zoom C-730UZ
    C740 C-740 C-740 Ultra Zoom
    C-740UZ C-745 Ultra Zoom C-745UZ
    C750 C-750 C-750 Ultra Zoom
    C-750UZ C-755 Ultra Zoom C-755UZ
    C-960 Zoom C-990 Zoom C-990 ZS
    Camedia C-180 Camedia D-435 D-100
    D-150 D-150 Zoom D-230
    D-370 D-380 D390
    D-390 D-395 D-40 Zoom
    D-425 D-435 D-460 Zoom
    D-490 Zoom D-510 D-510 Zoom
    D-520 Zoom D-530 D-540 Zoom
    D-545 Zoom D-550 Zoom D-560
    D-560 Zoom D-565 Zoom D-575 Zoom
    D-580 Zoom D-595 Zoom E-1
    E-10 E-100RS E-20
    E-20N E-20P FE-100
    FE-110 FE-120 SP-310
    SP-320 SP-350 SP-500
    SP-500UZ X-200 X-250
    X-350 X-550  

    Digibino DB100 Digibino DB200 *ist D
    *ist DL *ist DL2 *ist DS
    *ist DS2 Optio 230 Optio 30
    Optio 330GS Optio 33L Optio 33LF
    Optio 33WR Optio 43WR Optio S30
    Optio S40 Optio S45 Optio S50
    Optio S55 Optio S60  


    DC 2.1S DCZ 1.3S DCZ 2.2S
    DCZ 2.2V DCZ 3.2S DCZ 3.4
    DCZ 4.1 DCZ 4.2 DCZ 5.1
    EXAKTA DC 3300    
  • RICOH:

    Caplio RR330    

    Prego da3 Prego da4 Prego da5
    Prego da6    

    Digimax 101 Digimax 130 Digimax 200
    Digimax 202 Digimax 210SE Digimax 220SE
    Digimax 230 Digimax 240 Digimax 250
    Digimax 300 Digimax 301 Digimax 340
    Digimax 350SE Digimax 35MP3 Digimax 360
    Digimax 370 Digimax 401 Digimax 410
    Digimax 420 Digimax 430 Digimax 50Duo
    Digimax 530 Digimax A4 Digimax A40
    Digimax A400 Digimax A402 Digimax A5
    Digimax A50 Digimax A502 Digimax A503
    Digimax A55W Digimax A6 Digimax A7
    Digimax V10 Digimax V3 Digimax V4
    Digimax V40 Digimax V4000 Digimax V5
    Digimax V50 Digimax V6 Digimax V70
    GX-1 GX-1L GX-1S
  • SANYO:

    Xacti DSC-R1 Xacti DSC-S1 Xacti DSC-S3
    Xacti DSC-S4 Xacti DSC-S5 Xacti VPC-R1
    Xacti VPC-R1E Xacti VPC-R1EX Xacti VPC-S1
    Xacti VPC-S3 Xacti VPC-S4 Xacti VPC-S5
    Xacti VPC-S5BK Xacti VPC-S5 BK Xacti VPC-S6
  • SIGMA:

    SD10 SD9  

    Allegretto M700 PDR-M500 PDR-M700

    EZ 4030    
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    Capacity: 1100.00 mAh
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    Capacity: 1100.00 mAh
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    Capacity: 1100.00 mAh
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