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The batteries supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computer manufacturers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.


TOSHIBA PA3533U-1BAS, PA3533U-1BRS, PA3534U-1BAS, PA3534U-1BRS, PA3535U-1BAS, PA3535U-1BRS, PA3682U-1BRS, PA3727U-1BRS, PABAS097, PABAS099, TS-A200 Laptop Battery

Battery Certificate
Battery Type:  Li-ion
Battery Capacity:  6600.00 mAh
Battery Color:  black
Battery Dimension:  275.80x47.90x38.20 mm
Battery Volt:  10.80 V

Warranty: Brand New with 1 Year Warranty!
safe High quality battery cells.
safe Factory direct price,lowest price!
safe 15 Days money back.
safe Shiping from Leyland,deliver in 2-10 days.
100% brand new.

This battery can replace the following part numbers of :


    PA3533U-1BAS PA3533U-1BRS PA3534U-1BAS
    PA3534U-1BRS PA3535U-1BAS PA3535U-1BRS
    PA3682U-1BRS PA3727U-1BRS PABAS097
    PABAS099 TS-A200  

    This replacement battery is also compatible with the following models of :


    Equium A200-15i Equium A200-196 Equium A200-1AC
    Equium A200-26D Equium A200 series EQUIUM A210-17I
    Equium A300D-13X Equium A300D-16C Equium L300-146
    Equium L300-17Q Satellite A200-03V Satellite A200-09V
    Satellite A200-0ET00X Satellite A200-0RY013 Satellite A200-0SX01C
    Satellite A200-10N Satellite A200-110 Satellite A200-12F
    Satellite A200-12Q Satellite A200-12S Satellite A200-13E
    Satellite A200-13L Satellite A200-13M Satellite A200-13T
    Satellite A200-13U Satellite A200-13V Satellite A200-14S
    Satellite A200-14V Satellite A200-14X Satellite A200-17O
    Satellite A200-17X Satellite A200-180 Satellite A200-182
    Satellite A200-18M Satellite A200-18T Satellite A200-18V
    Satellite A200-18W Satellite A200-191 Satellite A200-193
    Satellite A200-195 Satellite A200-19C Satellite A200-19I
    Satellite A200-19K Satellite A200-19M Satellite A200-1A9
    Satellite A200-1AA Satellite A200-1AB Satellite A200-1Ai
    Satellite A200-1AS Satellite A200-1BW Satellite A200-1CC
    Satellite A200-1CG Satellite A200-1DA Satellite A200-1DN
    Satellite A200-1DQ Satellite A200-1DR Satellite A200-1DS
    Satellite A200-1DT Satellite A200-1E1 Satellite A200-1G6
    Satellite A200-1G9 Satellite A200-1GD Satellite A200-1GF
    Satellite A200-1HU Satellite A200-1NF Satellite A200-1O5
    Satellite A200-1O6 Satellite A200-1O7 Satellite A200-1P6
    Satellite A200-1PB Satellite A200-1PD Satellite A200-1QU
    Satellite A200-1QZ Satellite A200-1RK Satellite A200-1SC
    Satellite A200-1SV Satellite A200-1TB Satellite A200-1TJ
    Satellite A200-1TO Satellite A200-1UM Satellite A200-1VC
    Satellite A200-1VD Satellite A200-1VF Satellite A200-1VG
    Satellite A200-1VP Satellite A200-1VT Satellite A200-1XO
    Satellite A200-1YO Satellite A200-23H Satellite A200-244
    Satellite A200-24W Satellite A200-24X Satellite A200-258
    Satellite A200-25B Satellite A200-25C Satellite A200-25P
    Satellite A200-25U Satellite A200-25V Satellite A200-25W
    Satellite A200-25X Satellite A200-25Y Satellite A200-25Z
    Satellite A200-260 Satellite A200-26J Satellite A200-27R
    Satellite A200-27U Satellite A200-27Z Satellite A200-28E
    Satellite A200-28H Satellite A200-28P Satellite A200-298
    Satellite A200-29I Satellite A200-29L Satellite A200-2BL
    Satellite A200-2BO Satellite A200-AH1 Satellite A200-AH3
    Satellite A200-AH6 Satellite A200-AH9 Satellite A200-JA1
    Satellite A200-JA2 Satellite A200-M00 Satellite A200-SC3
    Satellite A200 SERIES Satellite A200-ST2041 Satellite A200-ST2042
    Satellite A200-ST2043 Satellite A200-TH1 Satellite A200-TH5
    Satellite A200-TH7 Satellite A200-TJ7 Satellite A200-TR4
    Satellite A200-TR6 Satellite A202 Satellite A203
    Satellite A205-S4537 Satellite A205-S4557 Satellite A205-S4567
    Satellite A205-S4577 Satellite A205-S4578 Satellite A205-S4587
    Satellite A205-S4597 Satellite A205-S4607 Satellite A205-S4617
    Satellite A205-S4618 Satellite A205-S4629 Satellite A205-S4638
    Satellite A205-S4639 Satellite A205-S4707 Satellite A205-S4777
    Satellite A205-S4787 Satellite A205-S4797 Satellite A205-S5000
    Satellite A205-S5800 Satellite A205-S5801 Satellite A205-S5803
    Satellite A205-S5804 Satellite A205-S5805 Satellite A205-S5806
    Satellite A205-S5809 Satellite A205-S5810 Satellite A205-S5811
    Satellite A205-S5812 Satellite A205-S5813 Satellite A205-S5814
    Satellite A205-S5816 Satellite A205-S5819 Satellite A205-S5821
    Satellite A205-S5823 Satellite A205-S5825 Satellite A205-S5831
    Satellite A205-S5833 Satellite A205-S5835 Satellite A205-S5841
    Satellite A205-S5843 Satellite A205-S5847 Satellite A205-S5851
    Satellite A205-S5852 Satellite A205-S5853 Satellite A205-S5855
    Satellite A205-S5859 Satellite A205-S5861 Satellite A205-S5863
    Satellite A205-S5864 Satellite A205-S5866 Satellite A205-S5867
    Satellite A205-S5871 Satellite A205-S5872 Satellite A205-S5878
    Satellite A205-S5879 Satellite A205-S5880 Satellite A205-S6808
    Satellite A205-S6810 Satellite A205-S6812 Satellite A205-S7442
    Satellite A205-S7443 Satellite A205-S7456 Satellite A205-S7458
    Satellite A205-S7459 Satellite A205-S7464 Satellite A205-S7466
    Satellite A205-S7468 Satellite A205 series Satellite A210-04F
    Satellite A210-103 Satellite A210-106 Satellite A210-109
    Satellite A210-10A Satellite A210-10C Satellite A210-10L
    Satellite A210-10Y Satellite A210-111 Satellite A210-117
    Satellite A210-11K Satellite A210-11P Satellite A210-128
    Satellite A210-12U Satellite A210-12Z Satellite A210-130
    Satellite A210-131 Satellite A210-135 Satellite A210-149
    Satellite A210-14T Satellite A210-14U Satellite A210-151
    Satellite A210-15A Satellite A210-15Y Satellite A210-162
    Satellite A210-165 Satellite A210-16C Satellite A210-16Y
    Satellite A210-172 Satellite A210-173 Satellite A210-17R
    Satellite A210-17S Satellite A210-17X Satellite A210-17Z
    Satellite A210-198 Satellite A210-19T Satellite A210-19Z
    Satellite A210-1A7 Satellite A210-1AA Satellite A210-1B4
    Satellite A210-1B5 Satellite A210-1B7 Satellite A210-1BA
    Satellite A210-1BB Satellite A210-1BC Satellite A210-1BD
    Satellite A210-1BF Satellite A210-1BH Satellite A210-1BP
    Satellite A210-1BQ Satellite A210-1BT Satellite A210-1BX
    Satellite A210-1C0 Satellite A210-1C2 Satellite A210-1C9
    Satellite A210-1CA Satellite A210-1CF Satellite A210-27M
    Satellite A210-287 Satellite A210-JA0 Satellite A210-JA3
    Satellite A210-MJ6 Satellite A210-MS6 Satellite A210 Series
    Satellite A210-ST0 Satellite A210-ST1616 Satellite A215-S4697
    Satellite A215-S4717 Satellite A215-S4737 Satellite A215-S4747
    Satellite A215-S4757 Satellite A215-S4767 Satellite A215-S4807
    Satellite A215-S4817 Satellite A215-S48171 Satellite A215-S5802
    Satellite A215-S5807 Satellite A215-S5808 Satellite A215-S5815
    Satellite A215-S5817 Satellite A215-S5818 Satellite A215-S5822
    Satellite A215-S5824 Satellite A215-S5825 Satellite A215-S5827
    Satellite A215-S5828 Satellite A215-S5829 Satellite A215-S5837
    Satellite A215-S5839 Satellite A215-S5848 Satellite A215-S5849
    Satellite A215-S5850 Satellite A215-S5857 Satellite A215-S6804
    Satellite A215-S6814 Satellite A215-S6816 Satellite A215-S6820
    Satellite A215-S7407 Satellite A215-S7408 Satellite A215-S7411
    Satellite A215-S7413 Satellite A215-S7414 Satellite A215-S7416
    Satellite A215-S7417 Satellite A215-S7422 Satellite A215-S7425
    Satellite A215-S7427 Satellite A215-S7428 Satellite A215-S7433
    Satellite A215-S7437 Satellite A215-S7444 Satellite A215-S7447
    Satellite A215-S7462 Satellite A215-S7472 Satellite A215 Series
    Satellite A300-00Q Satellite A300-02C Satellite A300-02W
    Satellite A300-047 Satellite A300-048 Satellite A300-05U
    Satellite A300-07G Satellite A300-08V Satellite A300-08W
    Satellite A300/09U Satellite A300/09Y Satellite A300/0C3
    Satellite A300/0G6 Satellite A300-10M Satellite A300-177
    Satellite A300-18K Satellite A300-19O Satellite A300-19Q
    Satellite A300-19R Satellite A300-19W Satellite A300-1BZ
    Satellite A300-1DB Satellite A300-1DC Satellite A300-1DE
    Satellite A300-1DG Satellite A300-1FP Satellite A300-1GC
    Satellite A300-1HP Satellite A300-1HV Satellite A300-1IJ
    Satellite A300-1IW Satellite A300-1J1 Satellite A300-1JE
    Satellite A300-1JF Satellite A300-1KM Satellite A300-1L0
    Satellite A300-1MC Satellite A300-1ME Satellite A300-1MX
    Satellite A300-1OM Satellite A300-1OT Satellite A300-1QD
    Satellite A300-1QM Satellite A300-1R2 Satellite A300-1RJ
    Satellite A300-1RY Satellite A300-1SO Satellite A300-1SP
    Satellite A300-201 Satellite A300-21H Satellite A300-21I
    Satellite A300-22F Satellite A300-23U Satellite A300-24J
    Satellite A300-24L Satellite A300-25G Satellite A300-25K
    Satellite A300-26R Satellite A300-27H Satellite A300-27M
    Satellite A300-2CF Satellite A300D-154 Satellite A300D-15B
    Satellite A300D-17I Satellite A300D-17L Satellite A300-M01
    Satellite A300-P01 Satellite A300-SD3 Satellite A300-SD5
    Satellite A300 Series Satellite A300-ST3501 Satellite A300-ST3502
    Satellite A300-ST3511 Satellite A300-ST3512 Satellite A300-ST4004
    Satellite A300-ST4505 Satellite A300-ST6511 Satellite A305D-S6831
    Satellite A305D-S6835 Satellite A305D-S6847 Satellite A305D-S6848
    Satellite A305D-S6849 Satellite A305D-S68491 Satellite A305D-S6851
    Satellite A305D-S6856 Satellite A305D-S6865 Satellite A305D-S68651
    Satellite A305D-S6867 Satellite A305D-S6875 Satellite A305D-S68751
    Satellite A305D-S6878 Satellite A305D-S6880 Satellite A305D-S6886
    Satellite A305D-S68861 Satellite A305D-S6914 Satellite A305D-S6991E
    Satellite A305D Series Satellite A305-S6825 Satellite A305-S6829
    Satellite A305-S6833 Satellite A305-S6834 Satellite A305-S6837
    Satellite A305-S6839 Satellite A305-S6841 Satellite A305-S6843
    Satellite A305-S6844 Satellite A305-S6845 Satellite A305-S6852
    Satellite A305-S6853 Satellite A305-S68531 Satellite A305-S6854
    Satellite A305-S6855 Satellite A305-S6857 Satellite A305-S6858
    Satellite A305-S6859 Satellite A305-S6860 Satellite A305-S6861
    Satellite A305-S6862 Satellite A305-S6863 Satellite A305-S6864
    Satellite A305-S68641 Satellite A305-S6872 Satellite A305-S6883
    Satellite A305-S6894 Satellite A305-S6898 Satellite A305-S6902
    Satellite A305-S6903 Satellite A305-S6905 Satellite A305-S6908
    Satellite A305-S6909 Satellite A305-S6916 Satellite A305-S6992E
    Satellite A305-S6994E Satellite A305-S6996E Satellite A305-S6997E
    Satellite A305 Series Satellite A305-ST551E Satellite A350-00X
    Satellite A350-013 Satellite A350-01N Satellite A350-04S
    Satellite A350-05R Satellite A350-11N Satellite A350-122
    Satellite A350-12J Satellite A350-20N Satellite A350-20Q
    Satellite A350-20S Satellite A350D-00J Satellite A350D-202
    Satellite A350D-203 Satellite A350D series Satellite A350 series
    Satellite A350-ST3601 Satellite A355D-S6885 Satellite A355D-S6887
    Satellite A355D-S6889 Satellite A355D-S6921 Satellite A355D-S6922
    Satellite A355D-S69221 Satellite A355D-S6930 Satellite A355D-S69301
    Satellite A355D Series Satellite A355-S6879 Satellite A355-S6924
    Satellite A355-S6925 Satellite A355-S69251 Satellite A355-S6926
    Satellite A355-S6931 Satellite A355-S6935 Satellite A355-S6940
    Satellite A355-S6943 Satellite A355-S6944 Satellite A355-S6998E
    Satellite A355 series Satellite A355-ST661E Satellite A500-011
    Satellite A500-01V Satellite A500-01X Satellite A500-025
    Satellite A500-027 Satellite A500-02E Satellite A500-02F
    Satellite A500-02J Satellite A500-02L Satellite A500-03P
    Satellite A500-040 Satellite A500-042 Satellite A500-11U
    Satellite A500-12C Satellite A500-13W Satellite A500-14H
    Satellite A500-14K Satellite A500-14L Satellite A500-15H
    Satellite A500-15M Satellite A500-15N Satellite A500-17X
    Satellite A500-18T Satellite A500-19D Satellite A500-19E
    Satellite A500-19L Satellite A500-19N Satellite A500-19X
    Satellite A500-1DU Satellite A500-1EC Satellite A500-1F7
    Satellite A500-1GL Satellite A500-1GM Satellite A500-1GP
    Satellite A500-1GR Satellite A500 series Satellite A500-ST5601
    Satellite A500-ST5602 Satellite A500-ST5605 Satellite A500-ST5606
    Satellite A500-ST5607 Satellite A500-ST5608 Satellite A500-ST6621
    Satellite A500-ST6644 Satellite A505D-S6008 Satellite A505D-S6958
    Satellite A505D-S6968 Satellite A505D-S6987 Satellite A505D series
    Satellite A505-S6004 Satellite A505-S6005 Satellite A505-S6007
    Satellite A505-S6009 Satellite A505-S6012 Satellite A505-S6014
    Satellite A505-S6015 Satellite A505-S6016 Satellite A505-S6017
    Satellite A505-S6020 Satellite A505-S6025 Satellite A505-S6030
    Satellite A505-S6031 Satellite A505-S6033 Satellite A505-S6034
    Satellite A505-S6035 Satellite A505-S6040 Satellite A505-S6960
    Satellite A505-S6965 Satellite A505-S6966 Satellite A505-S6967
    Satellite A505-S6969 Satellite A505-S6970 Satellite A505-S6971
    Satellite A505-S6972 Satellite A505-S6973 Satellite A505-S6975
    Satellite A505-S6976 Satellite A505-S6979 Satellite A505-S6980
    Satellite A505-S6981 Satellite A505-S6982 Satellite A505-S6983
    Satellite A505-S6984 Satellite A505-S6985 Satellite A505-S6986
    Satellite A505-S6989 Satellite A505-S6990 Satellite A505-S6991
    Satellite A505-S6992 Satellite A505-S6993 Satellite A505-S6995
    Satellite A505-S6996 Satellite A505-S6997 Satellite A505-S6998
    Satellite A505-S6999 Satellite A505 series Satellite L200 SERIES
    Satellite L201 Satellite L202 Satellite L203
    Satellite L205 Satellite L300-01R Satellite L300-03C
    Satellite L300-065 Satellite L300-07N Satellite L300-07P
    Satellite L300-08M Satellite L300/0D3 Satellite L300/0D5
    Satellite L300/0FM Satellite L300-0G1 Satellite L300-10Z
    Satellite L300-11C Satellite L300-11P Satellite L300-12B
    Satellite L300-12K Satellite L300-12P Satellite L300-12V
    Satellite L300-13N Satellite L300-13R Satellite L300-13Y
    Satellite L300-13Z Satellite L300-147 Satellite L300-148
    Satellite L300-149 Satellite L300-14C Satellite L300-14G
    Satellite L300-15N Satellite L300-16L Satellite L300-176
    Satellite L300-17F Satellite L300-17I Satellite L300-180
    Satellite L300-18D Satellite L300-18E Satellite L300-19F
    Satellite L300-19N Satellite L300-19U Satellite L300-19Y
    Satellite L300-1AP Satellite L300-1AQ Satellite L300-1AR
    Satellite L300-1AS Satellite L300-1AX Satellite L300-1BD
    Satellite L300-1BG Satellite L300-1BV Satellite L300-1BW
    Satellite L300-1CM Satellite L300-1CU Satellite L300-1DI
    Satellite L300-1DN Satellite L300-1DU Satellite L300-1ES
    Satellite L300-1FS Satellite L300-1G4 Satellite L300-1G5
    Satellite L300-1G6 Satellite L300-1G8 Satellite L300-1G9
    Satellite L300-1GC Satellite L300-20A Satellite L300-20D
    Satellite L300-20W Satellite L300-214 Satellite L300-215
    Satellite L300-217 Satellite L300-218 Satellite L300-21C
    Satellite L300-21H Satellite L300-226 Satellite L300-227
    Satellite L300-229 Satellite L300-22T Satellite L300-22U
    Satellite L300-22X Satellite L300-23F Satellite L300-245
    Satellite L300-24W Satellite L300-25G Satellite L300-25H
    Satellite L300-26G Satellite L300-26K Satellite L300-26M
    Satellite L300-278 Satellite L300-27U Satellite L300-28R
    Satellite L300-29T Satellite L300-29V Satellite L300-29W
    Satellite L300-29X Satellite L300-2C1 Satellite L300-2CP
    Satellite L300-2CW Satellite L300-2CZ Satellite L300-2DR
    Satellite L300-2EL Satellite L300-2F5 Satellite L300-700
    Satellite L300-900 Satellite L300D-01N Satellite L300D-01P
    Satellite L300D-01Q Satellite L300D-038 Satellite L300D-03K
    Satellite L300D-03T Satellite L300D-061 Satellite L300D-10Q
    Satellite L300D-11V Satellite L300D-12I Satellite L300D-12L
    Satellite L300D-13S Satellite L300D-202 Satellite L300D-21X
    Satellite L300D-222 Satellite L300D-242 Satellite L300D-243
    Satellite L300D-24Q Satellite L300D-MH1 Satellite L300D-ST3501
    Satellite L300D-ST3503 Satellite L300-F00 Satellite L300-R00
    Satellite L300-S00 Satellite L300-ST2501 Satellite L300-ST3502
    Satellite L305D-S5868 Satellite L305D-S5870 Satellite L305D-S5873
    Satellite L305D-S5874 Satellite L305D-S5881 Satellite L305D-S5882
    Satellite L305D-S58821 Satellite L305D-S5889 Satellite L305D-S5890
    Satellite L305D-S5892 Satellite L305D-S5893 Satellite L305D-S5895
    Satellite L305D-S5897 Satellite L305D-S5900 Satellite L305D-S5904
    Satellite L305D-S5914 Satellite L305D-S59143 Satellite L305D-S5922
    Satellite L305D-S59222 Satellite L305D-S5923 Satellite L305D-S5925
    Satellite L305D-S5927 Satellite L305D-S5928 Satellite L305D-S5930
    Satellite L305D-S5932 Satellite L305D-S5934 Satellite L305D-S5935
    Satellite L305D-S5938 Satellite L305D-S5940 Satellite L305D-S5943
    Satellite L305D-S5949 Satellite L305D-S5950 Satellite L305D-S5959
    Satellite L305D-S5974 Satellite L305D Series Satellite L305-S5865
    Satellite L305-S5869 Satellite L305-S5875 Satellite L305-S5876
    Satellite L305-S5877 Satellite L305-S5883 Satellite L305-S5884
    Satellite L305-S5885 Satellite L305-S5888 Satellite L305-S5891
    Satellite L305-S5894 Satellite L305-S5896 Satellite L305-S5899
    Satellite L305-S5901 Satellite L305-S5902 Satellite L305-S5903
    Satellite L305-S5905 Satellite L305-S5906 Satellite L305-S5907
    Satellite L305-S59071 Satellite L305-S5908 Satellite L305-S5909
    Satellite L305-S5911 Satellite L305-S5912 Satellite L305-S5913
    Satellite L305-S5915 Satellite L305-S5916 Satellite L305-S5917
    Satellite L305-S5918 Satellite L305-S5919 Satellite L305-S5920
    Satellite L305-S5921 Satellite L305-S5924 Satellite L305-S5926
    Satellite L305-S5929 Satellite L305-S5931 Satellite L305-S5933
    Satellite L305-S5937 Satellite L305-S5939 Satellite L305-S5941
    Satellite L305-S5942 Satellite L305-S5943 Satellite L305-S5944
    Satellite L305-S5945 Satellite L305-S5946 Satellite L305-S5947
    Satellite L305-S5948 Satellite L305-S59512 Satellite L305-S5955
    Satellite L305-S5956 Satellite L305-S5957 Satellite L305-S5958
    Satellite L305-S5960 Satellite L305-S5961 Satellite L305-S5962
    Satellite L305-S5968 Satellite L305-S5970 Satellite L305 Series
    Satellite L350-106 Satellite L350-14Y Satellite L350-16A
    Satellite L450-01M Satellite L450-02T Satellite L450-136
    Satellite L450-137 Satellite L450-16K Satellite L450-16Q
    Satellite L450-181 Satellite L450-188 Satellite L450-18D
    Satellite L450D-113 Satellite L450D-114 Satellite L450D-119
    Satellite L450D-11G Satellite L450D-11H Satellite L450D-11V
    Satellite L450D-11W Satellite L450D-11X Satellite L450D-128
    Satellite L450D-13G Satellite L450D-13P Satellite L450D-13X
    Satellite L450D-13Z Satellite L455 Satellite L455D
    Satellite L455D-S5976 Satellite L455-S1591 Satellite L455-S1592
    Satellite L455-S5000 Satellite L455-S5008 Satellite L455-S5009
    Satellite L455-S5975 Satellite L455-S5980 Satellite L455-S5981
    Satellite L455-S5989 Satellite L500-00E Satellite L500-00V
    Satellite L500-00X Satellite L500-017 Satellite L500-018
    Satellite L500-01V Satellite L500-02F Satellite L500-02H
    Satellite L500-02T Satellite L500-076 Satellite L500-11N
    Satellite L500-11V Satellite L500-120 Satellite L500-128
    Satellite L500-131 Satellite L500-13N Satellite L500-13V
    Satellite L500-13Z Satellite L500-14N Satellite L500-153
    Satellite L500-154 Satellite L500-164 Satellite L500-17C
    Satellite L500-19E Satellite L500-19R Satellite L500-19U
    Satellite L500-19X Satellite L500-19Z Satellite L500-1C3
    Satellite L500-1C7 Satellite L500-1CQ Satellite L500-1D7
    Satellite L500-1DT Satellite L500-1QH Satellite L500-1QK
    Satellite L500-1TC Satellite L500-1UR Satellite L500-1V9
    Satellite L500-1WG Satellite L500-1XC Satellite L500-1XD
    Satellite L500-1XJ Satellite L500-1XL Satellite L500-1XM
    Satellite L500-1Z5 Satellite L500-1Z9 Satellite L500-1ZC
    Satellite L500-207 Satellite L500-208 Satellite L500-20X
    Satellite L500-20Z Satellite L500-237 Satellite L500-24C
    Satellite L500D-00F Satellite L500D-11E Satellite L500D-11P
    Satellite L500D-11Q Satellite L500D-11R Satellite L500D-12T
    Satellite L500D-13C Satellite L500D-13H Satellite L500D-13J
    Satellite L500D-13K Satellite L500D-13M Satellite L500D-144
    Satellite L500D-14W Satellite L500D-164 Satellite L500D-16L
    Satellite L500D-16M Satellite L500D-17E Satellite L500D-17N
    Satellite L500D-180 Satellite L500D-183 Satellite L500D series
    Satellite L500D-ST2531 Satellite L500D-ST2532 Satellite L500D-ST2543
    Satellite L500D-ST5501 Satellite L500D-ST5506 Satellite L500D-ST55X1
    Satellite L500D-ST5600 Satellite L500 series Satellite L500-ST2521
    Satellite L500-ST2543 Satellite L500-ST2544 Satellite L500-ST5505
    Satellite L500-ST5507 Satellite L505-10J Satellite L505-11D
    Satellite L505-138 Satellite L505-144 Satellite L505D-109
    Satellite L505D-ES5024 Satellite L505D-ES5025 Satellite L505D-ES5026
    Satellite L505D-ES5027 Satellite L505D-GS6000 Satellite L505D-GS6003
    Satellite L505D-LS5001 Satellite L505D-LS5002 Satellite L505D-LS5003
    Satellite L505D-LS5004 Satellite L505D-LS5005 Satellite L505D-LS5006
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    Satellite L550-113 Satellite L550-11C Satellite L550-11E
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    Satellite L550-13U Satellite L550-13V Satellite L550-1C9
    Satellite L550-1CC Satellite L550-1CF Satellite L550-1CW
    Satellite L550-204 Satellite L550-207 Satellite L550-20W
    Satellite L550-21D Satellite L550D-008 Satellite L550D-00W
    Satellite L550D-10G Satellite L550D-11F Satellite L550D-11N
    Satellite L550D-12E Satellite L550D-136 Satellite L550D-13V
    Satellite L550 series Satellite L550-ST2721 Satellite L550-ST2722
    Satellite L550-ST2743 Satellite L550-ST2744 Satellite L550-ST5701
    Satellite L550-ST5702 Satellite L550-ST5707 Satellite L555-10K
    Satellite L555-10M Satellite L555-10N Satellite L555-10R
    Satellite L555-10Z Satellite L555-110 Satellite L555-11K
    Satellite L555-11L Satellite L555-11Q Satellite L555-12P
    Satellite L555-12V Satellite L555D-S7005 Satellite L555D-S7006
    Satellite L555D-S7909 Satellite L555D-S7910 Satellite L555D-S7912
    Satellite L555D-S7930 Satellite L555D-S7932 Satellite L555D series
    Satellite L555-S7001 Satellite L555-S7002 Satellite L555-S7008
    Satellite L555-S7010 Satellite L555-S7916 Satellite L555-S7918
    Satellite L555-S7929 Satellite L555-S7945 Satellite L555 series
    Satellite L581 Satellite L585 Satellite L586
    Satellite M202 Satellite M203 SATELLITE M205-S3207
    SATELLITE M205-S3217 Satellite M205-S4804 Satellite M205-S4805
    Satellite M205-S4806 Satellite M205-S7452 SATELLITE M205-S7453
    SATELLITE M205 SERIES Satellite M206 Satellite M207
    Satellite M208 Satellite M209 Satellite M211
    Satellite M212 Satellite M215 Satellite M216
    Satellite Pro A200-01H Satellite Pro A200-10E Satellite Pro A200-10J
    Satellite Pro A200-11F Satellite Pro A200-16B Satellite Pro A200-16N
    Satellite Pro A200-16Y Satellite Pro A200-16Z Satellite Pro A200-172
    Satellite Pro A200-188 Satellite Pro A200-18P SATELLITE PRO A200-1AQ
    SATELLITE PRO A200-1ER SATELLITE PRO A200-1ET Satellite Pro A200-1F7
    Satellite Pro A200-1F9 Satellite Pro A200-1FA Satellite Pro A200-1H4
    SATELLITE PRO A200-1JW SATELLITE PRO A200-1K4 Satellite Pro A200-1KC
    Satellite Pro A200-1KD Satellite Pro A200-1KF SATELLITE PRO A200-1KQ
    Satellite Pro A200-1PN SATELLITE PRO A200-1PO SATELLITE PRO A200-1PP
    Satellite Pro A200-1PR Satellite Pro A200-1PS Satellite Pro A200-1RP
    SATELLITE PRO A200-1SW Satellite Pro A200-1TC Satellite Pro A200-1TL
    Satellite Pro A200-1TM Satellite Pro A200-1U4 Satellite Pro A200-1VK
    Satellite Pro A200-1X1 Satellite Pro A200-1X2 Satellite Pro A200-1YK
    Satellite Pro A200-1YY Satellite Pro A200-1ZN Satellite Pro A200-22E
    Satellite Pro A200-22P Satellite Pro A200-22Q Satellite Pro A200-246
    Satellite Pro A200-261 Satellite Pro A200-264 Satellite Pro A200-26P
    Satellite Pro A200-26Q Satellite Pro A200-CH1 Satellite Pro A200-CH3
    Satellite Pro A200-CH5 Satellite Pro A200-CH6 Satellite Pro A200-CH7
    Satellite Pro A200-EZ2205X Satellite Pro A200GE-24S Satellite Pro A200SE-16Z
    Satellite Pro A200SE-1X6 Satellite Pro A200SE-1X8 Satellite Pro A200SE-24R
    Satellite Pro A200 Series Satellite Pro A200-T01 Satellite Pro A200-T03
    Satellite Pro A200-T05 Satellite Pro A210-0130 Satellite Pro A210-18M
    Satellite Pro A210-19W Satellite Pro A210-1A3 Satellite Pro A210-1A5
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    Satellite Pro L500-EZ1520 Satellite Pro L500-EZ1530 Satellite Pro L550-008
    Satellite Pro L550-009 Satellite Pro L550-00P Satellite Pro L550-00Q
    Satellite Pro L550-00V Satellite Pro L550-010 Satellite Pro L550-011
    Satellite Pro L550-0X0 Satellite Pro L550-13D Satellite Pro L550-13M
    Satellite Pro L550-142 Satellite Pro L550-165 Satellite Pro L550-17E
    Satellite Pro L550-17R Satellite Pro L550-17T Satellite Pro L550-17U
    Satellite Pro L550-17V Satellite Pro L550-199 Satellite Pro L550-19D
    Satellite Pro L550-19E Satellite Pro L550-19T Satellite Pro L550-19Z
    Satellite Pro L550-1C1 Satellite Pro L550-21F Satellite Pro L550-EZ1702
    Satellite Pro L550-EZ1703 Satellite Pro L550 series Satellite Pro P300-1CG
    Satellite U405-S2915    
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    why buy batteries from
    What to Know Before Buying a Laptop Battery

    There are many laptop battery manufacturers, and even more retailers to buy your laptop battery from. However, your biggest concern in purchasing a laptop battery will be to choose the battery that fits your computer. For this you will need to know the make and model number of your laptop; if you don't know this offhand or don't have the necessary paperwork, check the inside of your laptop's battery compartment while the computer is off and unplugged. There you should find the model number, along with some other information. You may also find the part number of your laptop battery, located on the casing of the battery itself.

    How to Choose a Replacement Laptop Battery
    When buying a replacement laptop battery, you will probably only have one or two choices that fit your computer. Choose the battery with the longest life available for your computer. There are several different kinds of laptop batteries; because the technologies of each are very different, a laptop must be designed specifically for the type of battery it uses. Most laptops are only designed to use one type of battery technology.

    Battery Do's:

    • Fully charge/discharge battery up to 4 cycles before achieving full capacity of a new battery
    • Fully discharge and then fully charge the battery every two to three weeks for battery conditions.
    • Run the device under the battery's power until it shuts down or until you get a low battery warning. Then recharge the battery as instructed in the user's manual.
    • Remove from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place if the battery will not be in use for a month or longer.
    • Recharge the battery after a storage period.
    • Ensure maximum performance of the battery by optimizing the device's power management features. Refer to the manual for further instructions.

    Battery Don'ts:

    • Do not short-circuit. A short-circuit may cause severe damage to the battery.
    • Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosive.
    • Do not expose the battery to moisture or rain.
    • Keep battery away from fire or other sources of extreme heat. Do not incinerate. Exposure of battery to extreme heat may result in an explosion.

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