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Traveling with Spare Laptop Batteries,Camera Batteries                             Thursday,Oct.8,2009

For those of you who plan on traveling this year, whether it be a business trip or a vacation, it's a good idea to be familiar with the new guidelines associated with taking your spare batteries onboard any commercial airplanes. As of January 2008, the Department of Transportation issued a new rule that permits passengers on board commercial airplanes to carry spare lithium batteries in their checked baggage. The only types of batteries affected by this rule are ones containing lithium. This includes Li-ion, Li-Polymer, and Lithium Cobalt Oxide batteries. These batteries are regulated mainly because they pose as a potential fire hazard due to their lithium content. When lithium is exposed to air, it burns violently causing a threat to passengers on the airplane. The only way lithium batteries can be carried in your checked baggage is if they are already secured and installed in their device. This greatly reduces the chances of them becoming short-circuited.

You are still permitted to carry lithium batteries in your carry-on baggage even if they are not secured in a device; however, this is a big hassle since you may need different batteries for each of your devices. So instead of carrying many types of batteries why not just carry one universal battery such as an Amstron PP33/PP17 which has a USB output? The USB output on this battery comes with the following tips: miniUSB tip, Samsung tip, iPod tip, LG tip, Palm Treo Tip, Sony PSP tip, as well as a retractable USB cable and an AC jack.

For laptops, consider the PP66S since it has a much higher voltage and capacity to power most laptops for extended periods of time. The PP66S Titanium External Battery is the best portable battery available. With this you can maximize your laptop's efficiency even when an AC outlet is not available.

We would like everyone to enjoy their flights and road trips. Having your cellphone or entertainment device die is not a pleasant experience when the closest AC outlet is miles away. Make the best out of your devices and keep them alive.

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