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7 ways to make your laptop battery last longer                        Wednesday, Aug.26,2009
With the latest portable PCs, working on the move has never been easier, but laptops are still slaves to the National Grid.
You can do practically anything on a modern laptop, but their advanced features drain battery life to the extent that you can only get a couple of hours out of your laptop before it turns up its toes.
While battery life is a chief cause of mobile moans, it's possible to get significant improvements by simple good practice and a few software tweaks. To help you get the most from your laptop battery, here are seven easy ways to make it last longer.
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Finding Value in Replacement Laptop Batterie                               Monday, Sep.7,2009
One of the great advantages of using a laptop computer is its ability to operate it in a portable manner. This is achieved by the use of a battery as its power source. However, most users take the battery for granted and are unaware that it will eventually fail.Read more »
Why buy laptop batteries,dell laptop batteries from         Friday, Sep.18,2009
Peace of mind for all our customers.
Since 2003, over one million customers globally have rated our service 95 out of 100.
Credit card payments use a 100% secure page encrypting your details and keeping them safe.Read more »
Top 15 Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life                                     Thursday,Sep.24,2009
Laptops tend to lose their charm quickly when you’re constantly looking for the nearest power outlet to charge up.  How do you keep your battery going for as long as possible?  Here are 15 easy ways to do so.Hopefully it would be a little help for you!Read more »
Traveling with Spare Laptop Batteries,Camera Batteries                             Thursday,Oct.8,2009
laptop battery
For those of you who plan on traveling this year, whether it be a business trip or a vacation, it's a good idea to be familiar with the new guidelines associated with taking your spare laptop batteries,camera batteries,camcorder batteries, mobile phone batteries onboard any commercial airplanes.Read more »
How to Select The Correct Laptop Battery,Laptop AC Adapter                 Wednesday,Oct.28,2009
Having select the correct laptop battery,laptop ac adapter and dc adapter for your laptop? Use this step by step guide to help you uncover your computer's model number, brand, and then order the right replacement laptop battery,replacement ac adapter,replacement dc adapter for your laptop on our site.Read more »
10 Ways to Make Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer                         Thursday,Nov.11,2009
Tired of running out of power when you need it the most? Here's some ways to get the most power for your buck!Read more »
5 Reasons To Own A Portable Car Battery Charger                                 Wednesday,Dec.16,2009
It's easy to understand why a car battery charger is a great tool to have around. Cars, lawn equipment and motorized toys have batteries and may need occasional charging. Outdoor toys and lawn equipment especially need it due to infrequent use. Since some equipment does not have an on board generator it is up to the user to recharge to continue use.Read more »

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